Ezra Goldstein



The One Who Had Everything

He and his twin sister Kathryn were both adopted by the Goldstein family. The family was on the wealthier side. Big house, brand new cars at age 16, supportive parents.... even when he came out sophomore year his parents didn't bat an eye. They even helped him establish the tolerance club at school. He was always smiling. The guy really sold the illusion of happiness. But as happy as he seemed, you could tell there was this sadness beneath. His family was close to the Sutherlands. They're from the same circle. But I don't remember him and Forrest being friends. What could they have been talking about that night? Have they been in contact this whole time? What's his purpose in this?


Alena Connolly

The Artistic Prodigy


Southampton's Van Gough. She used to hold exhibits during at the peddler's fair in the Summer. She wasn't known for making very happy pieces. Dark, brooding, pessimistic... Not far off from her own personality. Outspoken doesn't begin to describe her. Especially her opinions about the rich folk in town. I need information from her.


Alec Santoro

The Hot Shot Producer

The classical pianist turned Bay Area music producer. One of the most popular guys in high school. Charming, friendly... he had no enemies. Everyone liked him. You've got to be skeptical about a person like that. You can't trust someone who trusts everyone else. There's no loyalty in that.

Nalani Wide.jpeg

Nalani Jessup

The Island Girl

The island girl trapped in Southampton. Until she finally got away.  A part of Greg's crew, she was the towns best skater and was liked by everyone. Especially by Forrest. What truths can she be holding onto after all these years?

Sarah Wide.jpeg

Sarah Jones

The Sweetheart

Southampton's kindest school. Living in a two bedroom apartment with a family of 5, she was considered poor by Southampton's standards. The exact opposite of The Sutherlands. So why then was someone as sweet as her talking to someone as shifty as Forrest?


Cameron Miller

The Comedian


Cameron. The comedian. Always getting in trouble in class because he
never cared to keep his opinions to himself. He was smart, but never took schooling too seriously. I had at least one class with him every year. He should’ve failed most of his courses but somehow he would always manage to charm his way into passing classes. A big time extrovert. We are very different people.