Follow The Light, Child: Theories

Answer the following Q's in the comments...

***** SPOILERS - Look only after you've listened to Episodes 1-15! *******

  • Who are Axel and Jade? 
  • They mentioned a 'Cyrus' what could this be?
  • Jade says "The nepotism here is shameless'' Who is she talking about?
  • The item Axel uses on the 'Vessel' Jade bumped into... have we heard this item used before?
  • What happened to the 'Primary Subject' in the waste chamber?
  • What was the glittering light they saw?
  • What do you think those 'creatures' are we hear at the end?

'Open Your Eyes' Q's

  • What happened to Markus and Forrest after their own 'reunion' went down?
  • Is Markus going crazy? Was all of that real?
  • When they talk about the headaches, what does Forrest mean, "I get them too. They chose you because of me!'
  • What does Claire have to tell Markus when she shows up? Was she really there?
  • Why couldn't Markus find the picture of Claire talking to Forrest at the reunion? Was it deleted?
  • The day of the accident, why were Marshall and Sheri acting so suspicious? Was Sheri really upset about missing Grandma?
  • What is the significance of all these items?

...More questions to come. Stay tuned, listeners....